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Ok, I've been deciding whether I write this or don't, and I made the decision to do it because of the things that happened on yesterday's evening.
Even though I failed on a lot of subjects at university, my parents told me that I could study in an institute to become an English translator. So right now (no joking) I'm studying for the entrance exam on february. If I fail this one, I'll have to enter again at the university...
And for what happened yesterday... I'm in a development team called Team Mystique that will make a Touhou fangame called Touhou Yatsugatake ~ Reawakening of Youkai Mountain, whose principal creator is :iconflowering-yaksha: and I applied to being part of the musicians because she wanted help with composing themes, and she allowed me to be part of a great group, where everyone support everyone. I re-arranged one of her themes because she wanted me to correct some parts, and I actually did. It was like 1 year without opening FL Studio, and she really made me to open it and work on it again. It was a really good experience, and she really liked what I did, I think most of the group thought that it was well done!
We were progressing, step by step, doing what we can do better. She was doing it too, but she had a problem that I would never wish to no one. She was jelaous of other artists that were ahead us with their projects, she was anxious because we weren't going fast enough for her, and she was depressed because she didn't feel like she was making any progress. We were there for her every day, trying to cheer her up and help her if she had a problem writing, drawing or composing. All people in the team are so nice, they really are good people. But these days she wasn't well at all, she was losing hope so fast we had problems cheering her up. I'm really worried about her.
Yesterday her mother became aware that her daughter is depressed, and took her laptop away and tried to investigate what was going on. She even talked with us and treat us like we were the roots of her problems, that she was bullied and other things...if only she could listen to her talented daughter. Now she can't be online anymore for an unknown time. We decided to take a break from the project and live our lives normally, but all of us are sad about what happened. I hope we continue it while she's gone.
I don't know how to raise a child, but I know her mother wants the best for her child. I feel this is not the way to do it, but I respect her decision. I don't know how much time will pass until she comes back, but I don't care if it's weeks, months, years, whatever, I'll wait and I'll be composing for her.
Meanwhile, if I can join another team, I'll do it. I don't know if I can find one as good as this one...
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I'm kinda back into making art in general, but at what cost...I couldn't pass 4 subjects on CBC so I'm free till April of next year. I'm somewhat depressed about that because I couldn't do what I had in mind. And also I'm really anxious because I'm almost forced to find a job, and my degree doesn't help at all...
On the other side, I have more free time to do what I enjoy, I'll finish a mashup I did with Asgore and Remilia's theme and then start drawing a related picture about them. I'll try to make some touhou-ish songs, that's like one of my biggest dreams~ And keep practicing pixel art, of course.
In other news, tomorrow I'll sing in front of a lot of people and I'm gonna die (?) but it's ok because I already sang in the same place.
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I'm "back", I think...
Maybe I won't update nothing on these days since I'm really busy studying and living life, but I'll try to see what I can do here. Also, I'm trying to learn how to do pixel art, maybe I'll post it here.
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Let's just say I had a lot of homework to do, okay?
Just that...
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I know I didn't enter for a while...sometimes I don't understand my mind. I'm in 2 projects and I didn't do anything to make some progress. The only thing I did this days was homework and listening to music, just that...
I'm sorry...
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it's me, the same crazy fangirl :D now I have lighten up my mood so I'll post more regularly c:
also, have you played Impossible Spell Card? I'm addicted ♥
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I'm not feeling well... On Tuesday I had an anxiety attack... and since that day I feel unstable and I can't do the things like I used to.
I think I'll update my account when everything is ok...
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Look at this cutie

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 6:29 PM
Fluttershy - Free icon for ~Crystallyna 

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guuuuys, I'm tired of doing homewooooork...also I have to finish my 8bit Okuu's theme and another drawing. But school is being a little b*tch with me...aaaaaggh
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Long time no see! At least 3 months without updating my dA...well, I went to my grandma's house on holidays and she lives in a place where internet can't reach so...
And now I started my 5th year of high school. One more year and I'll be free!!! (?) Well, kinda free...I wanted to work on holidays but I couldn't find nothing for a 16-year-old teen u.u That means I must keep studying c:
Don't worry, I drew a little and I'm gonna upload something.

   ¡Mucho tiempo sin vernos! Casi 3 meses sin actualizar mi dA...bueno, fui a la casa de mi abuela durante las vacaciones y ella vive en un lugar donde no alcanza internet...
   Y ahora empecé mi 5to año de secundaria. ¡Un año más y soy libre! (?) Bueno, algo así...Quise trabajar en las vacaciones pero no pude encontrar nada para una adolescente de 16 años u.u Eso significa que debo seguir estudiando c:
   No se preocupen, dibujé un poco y ya voy a subir algo.
That's pretty obvious, I've been witness of "recolours" and "edits" of this types of drawings. I put the watermark only, just only, because I'm afraid of my drawings being stolen by another "artists". I hope you understand...
Maybe in the future I'll put my own watermark, who knows?


¿Por qué le pongo la marca de agua a casi todos mis dibujos de ponies?
Es bastante obvio. He sido testigo de "recolores" y "ediciones" de este tipos de dibujo. Puse la marca de agua porque, y solamente porque, tengo miedo de que mis dibujos sean robados por otros "artistas". Espero que entiendan...
Es posible que en el futuro ponga mi propia marca de agua, o por lo menos una firma, ¿quién sabe?
I'm new in this website so...maybe you won't see me uploading so many drawings here, I have pixiv page and if you ask me I will be glad to pass you the URL c: 
From now on, I'll draw ponies and some touhou related drawings, but I CAN'T draw humans, seriously u.u
Luckily, I know how to draw chibis :3
I think that's all...